This past spring I took a road trip with my husband and daughter to West Texas, a place that has been on my bucket list for a long time. We went in the perfect season where everything was in bloom. As we drove west from Austin, I watched the landscape change into something different than the hill country vistas I normally see—rustic and wild and beautiful. I started to realize that West Texas is a magical place.

We visited Big Bend National Park, and this is where I took the photo of the blooming cactus that I use in a lot of my marketing for Spicewood & Rose. We also saw wild Bluebonnets that were as tall as our knees. Driving the windy roads through the park was breathtaking. We must have stopped to take photos at least a dozen times, and every picture was postcard-worthy. Beauty everywhere.

We stayed in the towns of Marfa and Terlingua on our trip. Both places were artsy and remote and full of surprises. In Terlingua, we rented a rustic yet modern adobe house through Basecamp Terlingua that had a bottle tree in the front yard and an outdoor shower. We ate some of the best Tex-Mex we've ever had in a local restaurant nearby, and there was a funky old graveyard at the top of the hill with lots of stories to tell about some of the ghost towns former residents.

Marfa is an artsy town that is a lot of fun to walk around and explore. Some of our favorite discoveries were the pink door that led into a black room with a single vending machine selling odd stuff like tarot cards, the “art” gas station sign, and the telephone booth that plays Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Up” over and over again through the earpiece. We also walked into the historic Hotel Paisano gift shop to buy t-shirts. And you can now find my flour sack tea towels in the gift shop if you visit. I highly recommend a trip to West Texas!